One of the Best Alaska Fishing Guides

Flyfisher's Guide to Alaska

By Scott Haugen

A fantastic Guide to fishing Alaska. This book combines great information and great illustrations and is one of the best statewide fishing books in print.

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Alaskan Fishing By Region

Map of Alaska Fishing Regions

Southcentral | Southeast | Southwest | West | Interior | Arctic | Kodiak

Alaska Regional Fishing Guides

Alaska is immense - far too extensive and varied to handle as a whole. So to describe Alaska fishing locations, we broke the state up into seven regions. Each region has its own characteristics and unique fishing opportunities.

Fishing Southcentral Alaska.

Here is the perfect sampler of what Alaskan fishing has to offer. From barn door halibut out of Homer, to the legendary Kenai River king salmon run, Southcentral delivers the perfect Alaskan experience. No other region has the combination of accessibility, amenities, and fishing opportunity. Southcentral is the best place for the do-it-yourself fishing trip.


Fishing Southeast Alaska

The dense rain forests and rugged archipelagoes of the Southeast make an amazing backdrop when fishing the Southeast. In a land of beauty, stands proud. And in a land of amazing fishing, the southeast still holds its head high with strong runs of salmon and great halibut and cod fishing. It is a shame that so many people only see the area as a series of ports of call


Fishing Southwest Alaska

This is Fly-in Country, the land of the bush pilot. There are no roads. And, where there are no roads, there are no crowds. You will not find combat fishing here, only some of the largest salmon runs on earth and miles of unspoiled wilderness. The Southwest is for those who want to go one step further. This is not 150 pound halibut in Homer but 400 pounders out of Dutch Harbor.


Nearly inaccessible, prohibititely expensive, oppressive weather patterns, little or no support infrastructure, and a merciless horde of mosquitos during the painfully short fishing season. So what's the upside? Literally no fishing pressure to compete with. The Arctic region offers a unique, but logistically challenging, destination for those in search of unexplored wilderness fishing.


Fishing Interior Alaska

The Interior is the heart of Alaska. And the artery that nourishes the heart is the Yukon River and its tributaries. What it lacks in the diversity of coastal fishing areas it more than makes up for in endless opportunities for solitude and trophy Salmon, Sheefish, Pike and Grayling.



Fishing West Alaska

Like the Southwest, the bush plane rules in northwestern Alaska. Also,like the southwest, you can leave the crowds behind and get onto some prime waters. The area holds huge potential for trophies including the sheefish, monster pike, and Arctic Char.


Fishing Kodiak Island

Choose any kind of Alaskan fishing and the Kodiak Archipelago has it. Barn door halibut, a crossroads of ocean going salmon, and even steelhead. It may take a little more planning than the Kenai but the effort can be well worth the results.


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